At Stone Homes we use only the highest quality sandstone in order to provide you with timeless beauty and unrivaled durability.

With published chemical analysis and engineering properties, we ensure you peace of mind when it comes to purchasing a Stone Home.


Average Technical Specifications*

Sandstone Chemistry analysis Data:

• SiO2 80.25%
• Al2O3 9.10%
• Fe2O3 1.21%
• TiO2 0.40%
• K2O 7.03%
• Na2O 0.22%

Sandstone physical analysis Data:

• Compressive Strength (Dry): MPa 72.00
• Modulus of rupture (Dry): MPa 2.80
• Physical volume Density: g/cm3: 2.77
• Water Absorption: % 3.98

*Data values represent averages - Sandstone is a non homogeneous material and specific details will vary from order to order, quality is however 100% guaranteed.