Some of the more common questions asked by customers...

Q: Is the Sandstone Real Sandstone?

A: Yes, The Sandstone is Real Sandstone. The homes are a steel frame structure with the sandstone laid just like a brick veneer homes using solid sandstone.


Q: Can I design the home myself?

A: Yes, if you have a sketch of the sort of design you are after you can send it through to your Stone Homes Representative and they will be able to work out a price for you.


Q: Do I have to build this home myself?

A: No, although most people do build the kits as owner builders and get local trades people to build the home for them, you can contact a builder and get them to build it for you.


Q: What materials am I buying from Stone Homes?

A: Stone homes supplies you with the materials so you or your builder can build the kit to a shell or what the builders like to call a lock up stage, on top of your concrete slab. For a full list of the items included with the kits please view our inclusions list at the bottom of each design on the website.